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Infrared Thermography Level 1 Course Curriculum

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Infrared Thermography Level 1 Course Curriculum

This course follows the recommended training requirements of ASNT for Level I Thermal/Infrared Certification. The course is a good mixture of audio, visual, and kinetic presentation material. The hands-on workshops ensure that the students leave the course with confidence in their ability to operate their IR equipment. Upon completion of the course the student should have mastered the skills necessary to not only operate their infrared system but to perform various inspections and report on their findings. Certification will be granted to students who successfully complete the written requirements. Class size is limited to give maximum interaction between instructor and students.

    • General overview of the use of Infrared Thermography
    • Course logistics and curriculum outline
    • Trainer and student introductions
    • Understanding Certification and requirements

Basic Infrared/Thermal Physics
The Basic Physics of Matter
    • Matter - Definition and basic principles
    • Energy - definition and basic principles

Heat and Temperature
    • What is it and how it is measured/expressed
    • Basic relation of heat temperature and energy

Heat Transfer
    • Conduction Fundamentals
        *Fourier’s Law (concept)
        *Conductivity/Resistance Basics
        *Practical application of conductivity in thermography
    • Convection Fundamentals
        *Newton’s Law of cooling
        *Practical application of convection in thermography
    • Radiation Fundamentals
        *The Electromagnetic Spectrum
        *Plank’s Law
        *Wien’s Law
        *Stephan Boltzmann Law

Radiosity Concepts
    • Reflection, Transmission, Emission
    • Radiometry and Imaging
    • Spatial Resolution Concepts

 Infrared Equipment Operation
    • How your imager works
    • Equipment overview/features
    • Operation of equipment
    • Getting a good image
        *Clarity (focus)
        *Thermal Focus
        *Dynamic Range
    • Recognizing and Dealing with Reflections
    • Recognizing and Dealing with Convection

Temperature Measurement
    • Measurement functions
    • Performing accurate temperature measurement
    • Performing emissivity measurements
    • Avoiding errors
        *Small spot size
        *Atmospheric Attenuation

The Environment andSupport Equipment
   • Environmental Data
    • Support Equipment for Infrared Inspections

    • Qualitative vs Quantitative Inspections
    • Electrical Inspections
    • Mechanical Inspections - Friction
    • Thermal Resistance - insulation & refractory
    • Thermal Capacitance - roof moisture surveys
    • Physical State - Gas/Liquid, Liquid/Solid
    • Process Inspections
        *Fluid Flow
        *Vessel levels
    • Building Inspections
    • Miscellaneous - student selected applications

    • Introduction
    • Software programs
    • Making Reports
    • Making Templates
    • Printing reports

Level I Examination

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